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What is a Splash Page? – Definition, Benefits and More

What is a Splash Page? – It is a page that leads to any page on your website. The determination of a splash page differs: You can endorse a new offer, show a disclaimer, or a warning liable on the industry or niche your business functions.

Distinct from a squash page or else a post-click landing page, splash pages don’t essentially ask guests to enter their name or email address. The preliminary determination of a splash page is to notify visitors of somewhat, such as a new company apprise or a thought-provoking price, like Forbes does with their splash page below:

A typical splash page contains fine copy, a contextual image, and, most notably, a link that takes the visitor to the main website. In Forbes’ example, the “continue to site” guides guests to the homepage.

A splash page can be a comfortable screen to the top website or a teaser that gets visitors happy about the website they’re about to see.

Or, you may observe several alcoholic brand websites that include an “age disclaimer” splash page, which warns the visitor. While Federal law does not need these splash pages, the Federal Trade Commission says brands vending alcohol should self-regulate and use age-verification skills.

These are particular splash pages since they are industry-specific, do not have a leaving link, and force the visitor to confirm their age before yielding access to the main website.

What is a Splash Page? – The Evolution

According to Smashing Magazine, these  pages remained mainly formed to serve one of these primary purposes, among others:

  • Visitors stayed expressed to choose the language they would like to see the website
  • Visitors could choose the website form they are required to view based on their internet bandwidth
  • The pages remained used to show disclaimers or warnings for websites that had limited access for some users, such as betting sites or pornography
  • It notifies the visitors the main website has sound allowed, so to receive the whole experience, they would need to turn on speakers
  • Visitors are told how long it will take to weigh the site

Due to the fact these forms of splash pages didn’t add any worth to the user practice and reduced site speed, Google and additional search engines began finding websites that presented these pages.

Splash screens also confined readdressing JavaScript, which most search engines disliked. This resending is also why websites presenting traditional splash page designs started ranking inferior in most hunt engines.

These pages were frequently poorly-designed and twisted visitors off the website altogether. In spirit, splash pages were causing an interruption for users to involve with the website and corporate as a complete.

Hrubes’ splash page is a perfect instance of a poorly intended splash page causing user frustration:

However, most of these  pages have grown somewhat improved. Visitors are not carried to a splash page, so they can stay for the website to load. Now, a splash page is incomplete in enhancing the user’s knowledge. Users are either well-versed in something, it features a raise, or they are requested to become a part of something the website offers.

They are not extensive, just flashy screens. In its place, they are pages with valuable data for the visitors. Also, they have a visible and easy-to-find connection to direct away after the page.

The splash page of Harvard Business Appraisal is a faultless sample of this; it has an exit connection that takes you to the page you planned:

Variance Among a Splash Page and Other Pages

Splash pages vs post-click landing pages

A post-click landing page is a separate page formed to fulfil a single change goal. This goal can vary from assembling webinar registrants to securing ebook downloads.

Additionally, it is not a standalone page — it’s extra of a vast window on the top site page. It aims to deliver valuable data to the visitor. This data could be in the procedure of a quote — like Forbes’ splash page in chapter 1 — or it might be an announcement as included on Their Circular Life’s site:

Their Circular Life’s splash page informs the visitor that:

  • The homepage has sound, so the visitor wants to turn on their speakers
  • The page is complete in Macromedia Flash
  • The project is open to contributions

This example shows how it can convey any preliminary message while providing the best user knowledge.

It can also include a giveaway that will enthuse your visitors. It will increase your reliability even before they formally enter your site — making them more likely to buy whatsoever product or amenity you offer.

The Conversion Gods splash page is an outstanding example of this giveaway-kind of splash page:

What is a Splash Page? – Splash pages vs homepages

It is accessible on your homepage, content page, or blog (like the Harvard Business Appraisal page in section 1). A splash shade is also known as a “welcome screen” and is the site’s main page visitors see earlier.

The homepage, content page, or blog page (and its particular splash page) are part of the same root URL, essentially making it a similar page. However, there are subtle changes between the top site page and a splash page.

Let’s examine the changes amid a splash page and a homepage:

  • A splash page has very few basics — only a note and an exit link
  • A homepage classically has navigation links and a lot of data on the product or amenity
  • It doesn’t essentially have a background image or explicit
  • A homepage has one or a mixture of visuals
  • It has a single aim(either present visitors with a choice or transmit a note to them)
  • A homepage can have multiple purposes; it offers visitors all of the goods or features at a similar time (via navigation links or otherwise)

What to Comprise on it?

A post-click landing page essential have the following fundamentals for it to be effective:

  • An expressive headline with a featured exclusive value plan (UVP)
  • A related and eye-catching visual or image
  • Profit-oriented replica
  • A clear and conflicting CTA switch
  • Faith pointers (these can be customer testimonials, client badges, or trust seals)

It doesn’t need any identical elements, but it should contain the following:

  • A note (this can vary from giving them data around a new creation to just giving them a chance to share your site on social networks)
  • A clear exit button that takes them straight to the site

To see what a specific post-click landing page appears like, let’s use the example of Outbrain’s post-click landing page:

Another significant difference between a post-click landing page and a splash page is that a post-click landing page doesn’t have little direction-finding links. In contrast, it should constantly have a navigation link that permits visitors to return to the main website.

Because these are inside your top site, you don’t need to endorse them separately as you should with post-click landing pages. Each time you upgrade  your leading site, it gets recognition.

What is a Splash Page? – In what way Do I Make it?

When making a this page, you have two options:

  1. Hire a third-party designer and developer to produce a pattern of it — and formerly host the page on your site
  2. Use Instapage to plan your splash pagerapidly using our specialized patterns

With the first choice, you will most likely employ too much money and knowledge. A lot of waiting time for the stylist to create the page and organize with your IT section in presenting the page.

If you choose Instapage, browse our patterns and select the design that finest applies to your brand. You can also edit the templates rapidly and efficiently in the Instapage fully-customizable builder. Finally, when you’re happy with the plan, click “publish”, and you’ll have a beautifully-designed splash page online to start making traffic and leads.

What is a Splash Page? – Conclusion

Short-form post-click landing page patterns will work finest as these pages. These pages are creating a comeback in online advertising. Why? Since they help dealers inform their visitors of valuable messages valid to them. What’s best about splash pages is they don’t need much work from the visitor — something visitors significantly raise. Make and enhance your splash pages today and see how much your visitors welcome them.


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