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What is a Chatbot? – Definition, Types, Uses and More

What is a Chatbot? – The initial stage before acquiring knowledge is to know what we will learn. So, “what is a chatbot?” Let’s start with understanding.

Chatbots can interact with people by voice, text, gestures, etc. It is a program that interacts with different environments. A chatbot with the power of AI fields like NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables intelligent conversations and more natural conversations between humans and technology.

Chatbots, such as automatic replies and forwarding, are generally cast off for customer services. Today, however, chatbots are used in different sectors, such as education, personal services, travel assistant services, and medicine. The main reason for adopting chatbots is that they make things more efficient and improve the customer experience, which is the primary fuel of any business.

Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri, chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp or any website that falls under chatbots.

Types of Chatbots

We can divide Chatbots into two types (two types):-

Language/Grammar Based:

This chatbot class follows the rule or algorithm to answer any question/query the user asks. These are simple bots that can only answer questions that are preproduction in them. Thus, the robot cannot respond more naturally, and the intelligence of such robots is entirely dependent on the programmer who designed them. We can mould it by hard coding (usually if / else / then logic).

There are many advantages to using rule-based chatbots: they are not expensive, they are easy to use, easy to integrate, are very secure and accountable, and we can use them for sharing photos, videos, etc., may contain interactive elements such as

AI Chatbots:

More specifically, AI chatbots that use machine learning frequently use NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, and they understand the context and determination of a question before responding or taking action. These chatbots generate their answers to more complex queries using natural language replies. The additional you use and train these bots, the extra they know and the more intelligent they get with lifelike response types.

The advantages here are: they are intelligent, learn from knowledge and experience, have relatively natural reactions, have a wide range of decision-making skills, etc.

What Are the Best Platforms to Build a Chatbot?

Chatbot platforms are nothing but a platform for building and developing chatbots. Chatbot platforms are the best starting point for beginners, these platforms are simple and easy to use, and we don’t need any coding knowledge; it’s just a drag-and-drop function. All you have to do is make the flow or algorithm of how this chatbot works. Again Chatbot platforms are divided into two types:-

Development Platforms:

Chatbot development platforms allow you to create a coding/no coding chatbot in minutes. You can design, build, test and deploy chatbots using the media I have listed below.

  • Shuttleville
  • Potentiate
  • Many Chats
  • Lower
  • Flow
  • Ai
  • Movement
  • Boot Star

Broadcast Platforms:

It is a platform where a user can access and use a chatbot. A few of the widely used platforms are:-


  • Loose
  • Amazon Echo
  • Skype
  • Reporter
  • Fibre
  • WeChat
  • Web Site
  • Telegram And Others.

What Are the Best Frameworks for Building a Chatbot?

Chatbot Frameworks is a type of SDK that allows developers to build using NLP, NLU, and various other high-tech techniques. Frameworks provide essential building blocks such as purpose, context, assets, and conversational design, depending on which developers need to build bots through coding. Unlike Platforms in Frameworks, there is no drag-and-drop functionality, predefined flow or templates.

  • Google’s Communication Flow
  • Amazon’s Lex.
  • Microsoft’s Bot Framework (Mbf)
  • IBM Watson
  • WordPress
  • Chatbot
  • Rasa Stack

Chatbot Creation Algorithm.

Determine the purpose of the chatbot: what kind of services? What is the problem with being deficient in being vocal? What is the goal of owning a chatbot?

Will it be a rule-based/AI chatbot?

Please choose the right platform: It depends on your time, knowledge and budget.

Choosing a framework: What type or technology to use depends on your programming knowledge and experience, and how complex is your chat software?

Tips to Follow Before Creating Your First Chatbot

A chatbot should appear very automated and not too formal.

Follow the algorithm above.

Keep iterating your chatbot.

Ask programmers and developers to get in touch to guide you and get good feedback and ideas.

Be aware of your time and budget.

Top 5 Datasets for Your Chatbot

Training a chatbot dataset with accurate big data yields the desired results for powerful machine learning and NLP models. Chatbot datasets require large amounts of big data introduced using a variety of examples to solve a user query. However, training chatbots with incorrect or insufficient data leads to undesirable results.

Natural Questions: NQ is a dataset that uses naturally occurring queries and focuses on finding answers by reading the whole page rather than relying on extracting answers from short paragraphs.

NPS Chat Corpus Kit: The NPS Chat Corpus package is part of the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) distribution. It includes both the entire NPS Chat Corpus and various modules for working with data.

Yahoo Language Data: Yahoo Language Data is a question-and-reply dataset formatted from Yahoo responses. The dataset consists only of an anonymous binary membership graph and contains no information about users, groups, or discussions.

Squad: The Stanford Question and Answer Dataset (SQuAD) is a reading understanding dataset involving questions from audience workers to a series of Wikipedia articles. Reading the paragraph, Or the question may be unanswered.

ClariQ: The ClariQ Challenge was ready as part of the EMNLP Research-Speaking Workshop (SCAI) in 2020. It is a form of the Conversational Artificial Intelligence Systems and Systems series whose primary purpose is to respond appropriately to user requests.


I hope this detailed guide has given you a broad insight and knowledge about chatbots. In the future, we will also write about how to create a chatbot. Stay tuned!

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