Things to Do in Zurich

IntroductionThings to Do in Zurich

Switzerland’s most prominent and wealthiest city, Zurich, is a vibrant metropolis with things to do. Its unique location means you can explore art galleries in the morning, swim in Lake Zurich in the afternoon, and go on a boozy bar slink in the evening.

The heart of Zurich is its Old Town, where you can spend a whole day traveling around. You’ll never get bored, from architecture that looks too astonishing to be authentic and charming fondue restaurants to artisan shops specifying delicate timepieces and lively annual festivals.

With such a massive choice of things to see and do in Zurich, assembling your itinerary without getting overwhelmed can be almost impossible. To help you, we’ve created a list of the casual things to do in Zurich. Add these happenings to your Zurich bucket list, and prepare for an incredible vacation you’ll talk about for years.

1. Ballroom Dancing at the Zurich Opera HouseBallroom Dancing at the Zurich Opera House

If you’re looking for enlightening things to do in Zurich, consider taking place at the Zurich Opera House. Recognized in German as Opernhaus Zürich, this superb building dates back to 1891 and has introduced all the main operas, musical events, and dramas in Switzerland since then.

Purchase tickets for one of the Opera House’s balls to get involved and do more than watch a performance. These glamorous balls allow you to wear your most extravagant outfit and experience a night you’ll never forget!

Uncertainty you’d prefer someone else to be the show’s star, you stood spoiled for choice, with around 250 concerts held each year. The program is known for being remarkably diverse. However, the operas are often deemed the most mighty and are performed by some of the industry’s most famed voices, such as Vesselina Kasarova, Edita Gruberová, and Cecilia Bartoli.

2. Window Shop at the Special Stores Along BahnhofstrasseWindow Shop at the Special Stores Along Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse gives for almost a mile, starting at the Hauptbahnhof railway station and culminating at Lake Zurich. There’s an amazing variety of stores, from independent boutiques and jewelry stores to massive department stores and designer fashion department stores. The closer to the lake you get, the classier and pricier the stores become.

Even though you’re traveling around, retain an eye out for the Paradeplatz. The most famous square in the core of Bahnhofstrasse, the Paradeplatz, remains one of the most expensive places to own assets in Switzerland and is where you find the headquarters of some of the biggest Swiss banks.

3. Extend Your Cultural Horizons at Kunsthaus ZurichExtend Your Cultural Horizons at Kunsthaus Zurich

It doesn’t matter whether you can’t get sufficient art or understand why people make such a big agreement about it. A visit to the Kunsthaus Zurich remains one of the must-do possessions in Zurich. Home to one of the most vital collections of art in Switzerland – covering works of art as of the 13th century up to today – this art gallery will blow you away.

The eternal exhibitions contain the most important collection of Classical Modernist art in Zurich, the major Munch collection external of Norway, and masterpieces you’ll identify by iconic names such as Monet and Picasso. Around 4,000 paintings and sculptures and 95,000 prints and drawings spread out at almost a young age.

Momentary exhibitions are often carefully chosen to petition visitors not particularly into art. From mind-bending sculptures that take up complete rooms to provocative pieces about contemporary events, the Kunsthaus Zurich will give you everything to talk about.

4. Street ParadeStreet Parade

There’s no party in Zurich better than the yearly street parade, and you ought not to miss it because it is one of Zurich’s best places to visit! Thousands of electric and techno music fans take to the streets and attend this dance fest around Zurich’s lake basin.

The city is pulsating with music, and the parade sparks a stunning far-fetched party atmosphere with DJs, stages, LIVE concerts, food, drinks, and much more! The music is various, so there’s something for everyone.

When the music on the streets shuts down, the parties inside pubs take over. Drinks flow all night, and locals and travelers celebrate till the tiny hours. Even if it is just for a day, Zurich converts a party haven, making the parade a much-awaited event.

5. NiederdorfNiederdorf

Contribution splendid sights, cookery delights, and shopping in Zurich’s old town, Niederdorf is affectionately called “Dörfli” by the locals. This small village constructed in medieval times in the Jewish quarters extends beyond Bellevueplatz. Niederdorf runs equivalent to the Limmatquai and is a walking zone where amblers can enjoy a relaxed wander while admiring the attractiveness that Zurich has to offer.

All over the day, the street looks bright and beautiful, lined by stores that desire you to stop and shop for clothing, equipment, and more. By night, Niederdorf doubles as a nightlife district with its bars and street artists.

Every August, an annual festivity called the Dörflifäscht remains hosted on this road. It is lit with market booths and culinary delights, shows and attractions, LIVE concerts, and renowned artists, making it the perfect party destination.

6. S. Peter’s ChurchS. Peter's Church

Looking back to the first era, St. Peter’s is the first ornamental church in Zurich. It is known for its tower clock face, the largest in Europe, with a distance of 8.7 meters. The five bells in the tower, dating back to 1880, are also of major importance, with one weighing over 6000 kgs, without applauders.

Known as one of the prominent places to visit in Zurich. The church tower stood also used as a passionate lookout point from the Middle Ages to 1911. Theologians of the past drove here, and the first mayor of Zurich stood buried here, making this a historical attraction. His memorial and grave can remain visited along the outer tower wall.


Zurich is Switzerland’s economic leader known worldwide for its financial district. But other very innovative economic sectors flourish in the region. Zurich is essential for ICT, life sciences, cleantech, creative industries, and tourism. Numerous international companies have set up headquarters and research centers here. In addition to Switzerland’s economic and political stability, Zurich’s high quality of life and proximity to excellent universities are substantial.