The Most Technological Watches On The Market

At first glance, a watchs is a device that tells us the time, but in reality, we all know that it is much more. It is the quintessential accessory, and many people cannot live without it.

Times have changed and watches have joined the technological revolution. Smartwatches or smartwatches came onto the market a few years ago, but it has only been in recent months that they have really started to become fashionable. And it is not a passing trend, but everything indicates that this time they are here to stay.

The truth is that these devices have a lot to offer and can be very practical. That is why it is convenient to be aware of the latest developments in the markets.

From Modern Aesthetics To The Most Classic watchs

The first technological watches that were put on the market were easily identifiable. You only had to take a look at them to realize that it was a technological device.

In our days, that style still survives, since it is one of the favorites of the youngest and also of the lovers of gadgets . But the market has adapted to also satisfy the tastes of those who seek elegance in a watch, no matter how smart it may be.

We can already find models with an aesthetic that apparently does not differ at all from that of a classic and analog watch of all life. Only when we see it in operation can we appreciate the difference.

The Models That You Like The Most watchs

These devices are so successful that, beyond purely technological brands such as Apple or Google , other classic brands in the world of watches have also joined this trend and already have several models on the market.

We are going to review some of the most demanded technological watches in this 2019.

Kate Spade Scallop 2

It is one of the most general wearables of the moment, designed by Fossil for the female audience . Apparently, it is a conventional watch with a body made of silver and rose gold with a stainless steel case. But when your screen turns on, things change completely.

This smartwatch runs the latest version of Wear OS and is compatible with Google Play, so it can even be used to make contactless payments from the watch. It includes basic functions in smart watches such as GPS or heart rate monitor.

But, without a doubt, what makes this device stand out is the Chosse My Look app, which is exclusive to Kate Spade watch models . With this curious app you will be able to adapt the colors of your watch screen to the color of the clothes you are wearing at all times, and thus you will achieve the perfect combination.

The battery can last between one and two days, depending on how you use the watch and how many times you activate the screen.

Apple Watchs 4

Apple was the first to launch smartwatches on the market and has been striving to stay ahead of its competitors ever since. The fourth version of the Apple Watch continues to bet on a beautiful aesthetic, not too flashy and at the same time comfortable.

One of the innovations in the design of the Cupertino brand for this 2019 is that it has opted for a screen that is somewhat larger than usual.

As usual in Apple devices, user health care is a priority. This watch is capable of measuring your heart rate, but it doesn’t stop there, it sends you notifications about the ups and downs so that you walk carefully. What’s more, if it detects that you’ve fallen, it can even connect directly with the emergency services.

And for the most athletic, new training sessions and advanced features have been added, specifically for runners , who will now be able to control their training with greater precision and at a glance.

Xiaomi Amazfit Beep

If you have never had a keen watch, it may seem that they are complicated and even expensive devices, but in reality they are not. In the market you can also find simple models with many features that, in addition, have a fairly adjusted price .

That is just what happens with this Xiaomi model. The Chinese brand has carved out a significant niche for itself in the world of technology thanks to the quality of its devices and its good prices.

With a very sporty and youthful aesthetic, this smartwatch is especially suitable for those who want a technological watch that does not complicate their lives or who want to get off to a good start in this technology.

It has all the menus in Spanish and it has a very complete app that can measure a large amount of activity data (distance traveled, calories consumed, steps taken, etc.). In addition, you can customize the main screen with different designs and its battery offers great performance, lasting up to two weeks.

Withings Steel Hr Sport watchs

This model is the perfect mix between a smart watch and an analog watch. Its dial is analog and works like a traditional watch, but it has a small OLED screen that shows notifications.

It has an elegant and discreet design that combines perfectly with even the most sober outfits. Despite being a smartwatch , it goes quite unnoticed, but don’t be fooled, as it can measure up to 30 different sports activities .

TicWatchs S2

Just by taking a look at this device, we already realize that it is designed for those who poverty to get the most out of their workouts. Not only does it have a very sporty aesthetic, but it is also extremely robust.

It includes GPS and SWOLF tracking to check your work when you do sports like swimming. And it also has a water resistance of 5 ATM.

It also doesn’t lack a built-in heart rate monitor on the back of the dial; so you can monitor your heart rate while you’re exercising.

XPLORA 3S Watchs

This watch is design especially for children and is price at around €200. But it is a safe investment for parents.

It has been design by a Norwegian company specializing in child protection. That’s why this watch is actually an accurate. GPS that will help you know where your children are at all times.

It’s fun for kids, as it has many of the usual smartwatch features. Like a step counter and even a photo camera. But it is also especially practical for them. Since it allows them to call and send SMS to the contacts previously saved on the device .

Google Joins The Race To Have The Best Smart watchs

In the particular race between Google and. Apple it seems that the company created by Steve Jobs is always in the lead. But things could be about to change.

Google has announced the purchase from Fossil, for 40 million dollars. Of the intellectual property of a technology for the creation of next-generation smart watches. This does not mean that Fossil is going to abandon this business, far from it. But it is a way of joining forces with one of the most important technology companies in the world.

Rumors have been circulating on the Net for a long time that Google is thinking of launching a Pixel Watch . Until now, nothing has confirmed these theories, but the purchase of this technology has set off alarms again. In fact, it is possible that throughout this 2019 we will already see some of the consequences of this acquisition.

A Watchs For Each Person

As you have seen, there are a lot of smart watches. No matter your age. Your style or the functionality you want to give to the smartwatch. There is sure to be one on the market that perfectly suits your wants and palates.

We know that the excellent is not always easy, so we counsel you to take numerous things into account.

We cannot deny that aesthetics is what greatest attracts our attention in these watches. But once making your purchase decision you should not forget to assess. Other aspects such as the specific functionalities of the timepiece. Compatibility with your mobile phone and additional devices. with which it can connect or the battery life.

If you take your time to be clear about what you are looking for. You will surely be able to find a smart watch that fits what you want and also fits your budget.

What is sure is that once you try this technology. It will be difficult for you to use a normal watch again. Technological watches have so much to offer. That it is normal for them to become something indispensable in your day to day life; Dare to try them and discover first-hand all their advantages.

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