The four technologies needed to face the covid-19 crisis

COVID -19 has brought one of the most significant pandemics that human beings have known throughout history. It should be well-known that this virus has arrived in the 21st century, where technology and innovation are booming, and the way of life of the world population has evolved a lot in a short time.

During this period of confinement, we have seen that physical distance ceased to be an impediment for people to see their loved ones, all thanks to the Internet and video calls. And as expected, in many companies in which their type of activity allowed it, the closure of their physical stores and confinement did not impede continuing their training through the network, teleworking.

However, other business that, due to their activity, teleworking was not a direct option, have begun to take their first stages in the world of online commerce and the Internet, thus managing to see not only the number of possibilities that it offered them this tool but also, an opportunity to get clients.

Due to all this, and to the future that awaits us from now on with the new normality that the Government of Spain announced a few weeks ago, today we bring you the four technologies that will make your business prosper and survive during this crisis, making Be prepared for the technological future ahead.

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In Spanish, robotic process automation is a technology that makes your employees’ work focus on more specific and less repetitive activities.

We are talking about tasks such as filling out forms or checking the mail that, as we all know, is often repetitive, and if we weigh their complexity with the time used by the workers to carry them out, we see that they undoubtedly generate losses COVID -19.

Therefore, as a solution to this issue, the RPA arises. By automating all these types of processes and tasks through software, your employees will be able to spend their time performing analysis activities and providing even more personalized attention to your customers, having all the information available.


The use of this technology had already increased in recent years, long before COVID-19 came into our lives.

However, the confinement derived from this virus has made it even more popular, either because people confined to their homes and with nothing to do have looked for an outlet through the network to expand their knowledge or simply because thousands of students in Spain have had to finish the school year from home.

It has also been popular to apply this technology in business since more and more companies create personalized courses through the network, train their employees, and thus know all your products or services perfectly.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One of the most shared technologies in the business field is CRM, a software with which you can improve relationships with your customers, ordering and using all the information available about them to offer them a more personalized customer service adapted to the needs of each one, thus achieving loyalty.

This technology is critical for the future since. Currently and even more so with the existence of the Internet. Users are saturated with advertising, and all kinds of products and services are being offered all the time. Given this scenario. The only way to draw the attention of our current and future customers is to provide them with. A personalized product that differentiates us from the competition.


As we have seen in recent months, if commerce in a physical establishment disappears, all is not lost. During this confinement, online business has skyrocketed. And many users who distrusted purchases through this medium have chosen. This time to give it a try and purchase products or services online.

If you want your business to survive this crisis and prosper in the future. It is essential to create a website that allows you to promote your company’s products and services. While being able to sell them.

In this way, users will not necessarily need to go to your physical store. Which has allowed many businesses to survive during this pandemic.

As you can see. The advantages that all these technologies can bring to the development of your company’s activity are many. Not only making some processes and tasks more efficient and saving costs. But also improving the quality of customer service and the visibility of your deal.

Seeing the current situation. The only way for your company to survive. This crisis and be able to adapt to such an uncertain and changing future. Is by applying technology to your business. Since in the century in which we live and taking into account. The rapid evolution of the lifestyle of the human being in recent years. The future of companies is on the Internet and technology.

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