Tamilrockers Movie Download: What is it and Is it Safe to Use?

Tamilrockers Movie Download


The movies are also available on their website on the day of release. If you find a movie released on the online streaming website, then there is no doubt you will find that movie available on Tamilrockers within a few hours.

What is the Tamilrocker Website?

Tamilrockers new website is a free and illegal movie-downloading website. The website offers pirated movies on the day of their release. They offer movies in multiple languages.

They have recently started to upload various original series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, and Hotstart. On their websites, you can find all the popular web series from various providers.

Tamilrockers has made people dependent, and the other service providers have to pay for it. With the release of all big-budget movies on the day of release, they have gained much popularity.

Another reason for their popularity is social media and online print media. The day the movie is leaked on the Tamilrockers website, the news will surface all over the internet and, of course, on popular news websites, too.

With this, people get more updated knowledge of the movies released on Tamilrockers. Online media has also given the platform for movie piracy websites to become famous, and more and more people are aware of them.

How Tamilrockers Movie Download Website Started?

The TamilRockers admin, Bhaskar Kumar, alleges that the site was formed in 2007 because of Superstar Rajinikanth’s blockbuster movie “Sivaji.”

Sivaji was a film made with a considerable budget, and the producers of the movie producers approached the anti-piracy cells personally and filed an FIR against piracy.

To avoid piracy, there was a raid conducted by the Tamilnadu police on people who were running piracy campaigns for movies, CDs, and DVDs. More than 400 shops running piracy were caught and put behind bars.

Bhaskar Kumar and Daniel Raju (the mastermind behind Tamilrockers) got prior information from the sources and managed to escape. They wanted to make a fail-proof way of pirating movies.

The best way to offer pirated movies is through the internet on their websites. The most protected way to do this was by using torrent (peer-to-peer network).

They used to record the complete movies from the minor theatres, record the movies in small durations from multiple sources, and finally edit and join all the movie recordings.

The caught admin has provided a lot of insights into the billion-dollar business, and he has also provided some shocking information on a few producers who support TamilRockers, along with their sources.

How Tamilrockers Website Operates?

Tamilrockers new website has a complete network of people who remain tasked accordingly. They operate in all parts of the country and mainly in small towns.

Tamilrockers’ new website server is based in the US, and the complete piracy network remains operated in India. Initially, when the movie was released, people from the Tamilrockers website recorded the movies from small theatres in parts.

They don’t record the complete movie from one theatre. They record the movies in parts from multiple theatres, and then they join the movies with the help of video editing tools.

Once the movie is edited, it is uploaded on the Tamilrocker new link from the proxy servers or VPN servers to hide their identity and IP address.

Similarly, more refined prints of the moves remain recorded and uploaded to the website. When the HD print is out on the market, they get access and upload it to their website.

How do you download movies from Tamilrockers using the new link?

Tamilrockers offers various methods to download movies. Users can directly download the movies from the links or select to download them through torrents.

The most important thing is knowing the latest Tamilrockers website URL to download the movies.

In this article, we regularly update the latest Tamilrockers URL. However, if your ISP provider has still blocked the latest URL of Tamilrockers, you can follow the simple procedure below to unblock it.

My favorite of downloading movies from Tamilrockers is via torrent. You must download and open the torrent file in any torrent client like Utorrent.

Why is downloading movies from Tamilrockers’ website illegal?

Tamilrockers offer pirated movies on the release day without moviemakers’ or producers’ consent.

The movie remains released in theatres, and websites like Tamilrockers record it illegally from these theatres and upload it to their website for download.

It causes considerable losses to the film producers, and most people download movies from Tamilrockers and watch them in their homes.

Apart from the pirated prints, the website also uploads the original prints whenever available. Due to this, the viewers don’t buy movie CDs/DVDs from shops.

With the increase in digitization, piracy will keep on increasing, and websites like Tamilrockers will keep finding new ways to pirate movies via various mediums.

We are always against piracy and don’t promote it by any means.

If you want to watch movies and series legally. You must watch them in the theater or on legal online streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, YouTube, Voot, Viu, and Sony Liv.

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