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Mobile Apps: New Release

Mobile apps It is more than likely that this year that is about to enter will give us more than one surprise technologically speaking. And it is 2017 is announce as the year in which the most powerful smartphone in all aspects known so far will be present.

Some information has been leak that reveals the possible presence of this smartphone from the Turing company. It is possible that you do not know this news or that you do not know who the Turing company is. Well, this house announces the launch of the most powerful mobile in the world of technology that has been seen so far.

The mobile that will be launch in 2017 is made of highly resistant material and will also have very stable and secure software. We can conclude this contact with the clear idea that it is a mobile made to resist. Composed of a material call ‘Liquid morphium’ , it claims to be harder than titanium.

Analysis Of Its Characteristics

So far we have reread the most popular features, but we still have important features to review. The option is being consider for this terminal to present a 60 MP camera to save quality memories and a 20 MP front camera to take a wonderful selfie where you can really see your face in detail. Mobile apps can be seen clearly and we can easily access them because they will be display on a screen of approximately 6 inches. And if the icons of the mobile apps will be display without problems, imagine how clear the gadgets that you want to put on your smartphone will look like.

As for the battery life, this is condition by the fact that it consists of three of them. An initial battery of 1600 mAh, another of 2400 mAh and the last one with hydrogen cells. How is your body after reading all these features?

To finish with the features, we will now touch on the software that will come in this wonderful terminal. It consists of an operating system known as Swordfish Os. This operating system is base on Deep Learning. It is explain that it is base on the well-known Sailfish OS system. This system would be betting heavily on the artificial intelligence sector and all that it entails. Security is a strong point that they also bet on with this operating system. In what has not yet been pronoun and the rumors do not reveal anything to us, it is in the price of this category smartphone. We will eagerly await its launch since the design should be the final touch of this work of art call smartphone.

Are We Dreaming?

If we are realistic we must allow that these features are more than powerful They are the best that we can currently find on the markets. Yes it is true that to be honest we must admit that you can have doubts or be somewhat distrustful about a terminal meeting such specifications. The question that comes to mind is whether users will know how to take advantage of all these features that the Turing house offers us.

In any case, this new technology will be present in just a few months, with the entry of the new year. We must point out that the Turing company is involve in the process of developing artificial intelligence and its incorporation into smartphones. It is more than possible that all these features together in a terminal are closely relate to this other project and that at least help to integrate artificial intelligence applications.

Turing Smartphone: Mobile Apps That Make Life Easier

Mobile apps are applications that made to run on mobile terminals. Currently this market continues to grow as there are many companies that see these applications as an opportunity to make themselves known in another sector of the public or even expand their market. Currently there are 3 types of apps: native apps, web app and native web app. Let’s see what each one consists of:

1. Native Apps

The native application is known as the one that is develop for a specific operating system. What discerns this type of app from the others is that it allows access to the mobile hardware. We will be able to access the camera, the agenda, the GPS… These apps have a second advantage, and that is that they do not need an internet connection, so they are available at all times.

2.Web App

The web app is the one develop by programmers with languages that are well known to them, we are talking about HTML, Javascript or CSS languages. Its advantage is that it can be program individually and without paying attention to the operating system in which the application is. These applications are execute within the browsers themselves.

3. Native Web App

This last case can also be call a hybrid app, that is, the result of joining the first two. In a hybrid application it understood that there is the best of the previous cases. These apps have the programmers’ own languages and. Like the second case, allow access to the hardware of the mobile terminal. The advantage of this last case will be the possibility that it appears in the app store. Or app store to be able to distribute it.

Once we know what kind of apps we can find. we will take a look at those that make it easier for us to drive with our vehicle and that make it easier for us to park the vehicle in the city or even in the car park .

Mobile Applications That Help You In Driving

And it is that parking in certain places is increasingly complicate. There are some places that already have serious parking problems and this problem in turn becomes. A health problem for drivers. Who spend long periods waiting or driving around the city until they manage to park. Sometimes you don’t want to complicate yourself spending hours looking for parking.

There are 7 known applications that, through the mobile’s GPS. Allow us to know where we are and what seats have been left free. Let’s take a look at these apps:

  • Wazy park: intelligent application that uses. The GPS integrated in the mobile and indicates the places that there are in the city to park the vehicle.
  • e-park: works in conjunction with the parking meters of the city in which we are so that in this way. We know the areas where there is parking.
  • Parkopedia: this app works just like Way park. It uses the GPS built into the mobile terminal to connect with other users and tell us. When the places are free and how far away they are from us.
  • Be Park: is another application that helps us park. The vehicle but is currently only available for the community of Madrid.
  • Park & Go: application available for terminals with Android operating system.
  • Parquo : this application is somewhat different. In this case parking spaces are rent from users when they are not there for others to use.

Finally, We Smart Park, which is similar to what has been describe so far.

Smartphone Comparison Turing Cadenza

At this point we do not know very well how to compare something that has no comparison. At least not now or at least not known at this time.

The technology market and in this case, to be more exact. The telephony sector are in luck. If we see all the features described in this terminal. We will be facing the most powerful smartphone on the known marketing. Without competition in features. Other famous brands in the technology sector do not even come close. For now, we can only wait to see this little gem come true and find out. If it will be available to everyone or not.

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