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There is no doubt that every time we find ourselves in a frantic world, we hardly have free hours in our day. Years ago, some tasks as common as going to the supermarket took us a large part of the day. We planned what our purchase would be and what meals we were going to prepare, and we also use to take leave, such as resting or having a coffee after going to the supermarket.

How Our World Has Changed When Shopping At The Supermarket

However, the truth is that the current reality does not have much to do with the past. When we visit the supermarket, we usually opt for ready-made meals or take all kinds of food that we don’t always need, just in case. In addition to going in a hurry, we do not usually plan our purchases. And the result is that we are left with nothing to eat, or some food spoils more than once.

That is why a good alternative is to use mobile applications to make our purchases. Each application has different advantages, such as planning the shopping list or checking different product prices in supermarkets. Some of these apps even agree you earn discounts for supermarket products if you answer some surveys.

Next, we will talk about some of the applications that allow you to access offers and get money for completing small assigned tasks.


This app is designed to get discounts in different supermarkets. In addition to covering the most frequent (Carrefour, Lidl, Mercadona or Dia), it also serves for offers from other large stores such as El Corte Inglés or Primark.

The operation is simple. By activating geolocation, you will be able to access the offers found in all these businesses with a series of filters that will make your search easier. Likewise, it is also possible to study the price of the same product on different surfaces to decide which of all is cheaper.

Radarprice: Price Comparison And QR

As its name suggests, this application compares the different prices of the same product on various surfaces. It is used for supermarket products and gas stations, household appliances, cosmetics…

It is an option that includes a wide variety of stores and also has an exciting alternative to store your loyalty cards. Since it has a QR code reader, it is possible to scan the different points and loyalty cards of a store to house them in your own mobile and prevent them from attracting up too much space in your wallet.


With this application, you can get money thanks by collaborating with brands such as Nestlé, Coca Cola and Ferrero. It is about receiving cash in your bank account to carry out small missions or tasks in a supermarket that serve these brands as quality control of the supermarkets that house their products.

The idea is that you act as a mystery customer, where you will have to report the presence or absence of products in a supermarket, the promotions or the treatment received. All this will be documented with photos and surveys.

As we said before, another of the tasks for which we may need a mobile application is to make a shopping list. If we don’t have a pencil handy when it occurs to us or if we remember a product on the street or at work, these apps will help us.

Out Of Milk

This option is one of the most recommended within the Play Store. It is a free app that allows you to add information to your shopping list. For example, when you add a product, you can select:

  • The amount of it.
  • Suppose you have a discount coupon. In this way, you will not forget to use it once you go through the checkout.
  • Suppose you want to place it in a specific category. If you filter all your products by categories, you will be able to optimize your time in the supermarket. The stores are arrange in sections, and the idea would be that you take all the products from each division simultaneously to minimize the time you spend in the store.
  • The price of the product per unit. In this way, you will see in advance the amount of your purchase, and you can plan if you want to pay by a card or in cash.

Although this option is entirely free, for €1.15 more, this same application has cooking recipes to complement your shopping list (option only available in English).

Grocery List

This is probably the essential app of all. Add the items to buy by writing to a list, and they are then either deleted or marked to be crossed out, indicating that they have already been purchased.

Bring! Shopping List

If you don’t like to inscribe too much, this is your best shopping list app. A series of drawings appear on the main screen indicating the different products purchased, and it is automatically added to the shopping list by clicking on each graphic. In addition, it self-regulates to show you the most frequently purchased products first, making it even more helpful.

On the other hand, it licenses you to add quantities of the products or descriptions of each one, although it is not mandatory for its use. Thus, you can decide between a faster functionality and another with more details.

Finally, highlight another of the particularities of this application. You will be able to create independent lists for different events. For example, Sunday family lunch, my cousin’s birthday… Thus, you can think in advance about the products you need for each event and have the shopping list ready when the date to go to the supermarket approaches.

Shopping – Shopping List

The last option we talk about to make shopping lists is this. It is intend for those people who do not like to write excessively. In this way, it is imaginable to add items to the list by voice, and when they are in the list, a small image appears indicating which food is selected.

It is a simple way to proceed, and it also allows you to distribute different lists, each of which will be assigned a name that we decide on. If not, by default, it will include that day’s date.

The last type of applications that we will talk about is those to make online purchases. If we do not have time to go to the supermarket because we work hours that are not compatible with it or are looking for greater comfort, it is possible to opt for this alternative. Some of the options that we will show you correspond directly to the supermarket application, while in other cases, you select the products, and from the app, they take care of choosing the brand that will be deliver to your home.


If you are a fan of Hacendado, the mobile application to order home delivery will seem like a luxury. It explains all the information on each product (price, weight, allergens, ingredients). And you can find out from the first moment what’s new in the supermarket.

Although it is currently only being test in some cities. It is an easy-to-use application that seems to have a promising future throughout Spain.


You have probably used this application to order food from restaurants at home if you know this application. However, with Glovo, you can also order products from the supermarket. Anything you want as long as it ” fits on a bike or a motorbike “. You select the goods you wish to purchase from the different supermarket categories and pay. The amount of these as well as €3.90 for delivery to the address you choose.

It may seem expensive. But it is an option to consider. When you are sick or if you have forgotten an urgent ingredient and you are cooking.


This is an online supermarket where you can access many products. Food, drugstore, and cleaning. You make your purchase in moments of downtime. Such as a bus ride or a long wait. Through the application. You will find a wide variety of products that can be filter and select to make the search easier.

When paying, you can select your bank account or opt for PayPal. The purchase will be sent to your home time slot you choose. And the products will be treat with the conservation they require. Thus, the purchase of fresh and frozen will not be a problem for your basket.

In short, any of these applications that. We have presented to you can be very interesting for organizing yourself and saving on your daily purchases. Although it may seem somewhat complicated to get down to work. Once we have implemented the operation of these apps. We will see that the result in our pocket and in our time is more than satisfactory.

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