How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  We want to ask: How can you make Money with free apps? The article aims at companies that want to monetize apps. That’s why sticking to a proper monetization strategy is essential for completing the work. So, here you will find all the titles that match the above concerns correctly.

Well, we all know that the number of free apps is much more than the number of paid ones, so the main issue is how to monetize apps. So, if you want to monetize the app correctly, you have come to the right post. We have summarize all the right monetization strategies to help you get proven results correctly.

How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  App Monetization Strategies

According to the 2015 report, the following are the most popular app monetization strategies that businesses can use and also recommended by the top mobile app development company.

There are many ways to make Cash, but the real issue is finding the right one. We’ve edited them all in the previous post. Learn about the best options for making Money with mobile apps in different ways:

How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  1.Advertisement


We can describe advertising as one of the best apps to monetize apps. It is easy to implement and stay connected to an external or third-party network. Indeed, 8 out of 10 free app development agencies used advertising as their primary revenue model to monetize on a larger scale.

Implementing the ads-based concept to monetize the app is undoubtedly straightforward. The app owner only needs to display ads on their mobile app so that they can be easily payable through commercial and third-party ad networks. The app owner is remunerated, rendering the number of clicks on the ad once the user completes the app fixing through the ad.

How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  2. Subscriptions

We can calculate subscriptions as the most helpful and best app monetization strategy. App publishers may offer free or relevant content within their apps for a limited time and then charge a subscription fee to allow users to read classified content and primary content published by them.

The most common method most free app owners practise is to provide a free trial period of the app and then charge operators who want to continue setting the subscription fee. We can extensively use the above monetization strategy in cloud services, online audio/video streaming, and news portals.

3. Sell Goods

It is another innovative approach. The owner can sell the goods in his free app. Many e-commerce companies sell toys, t-shirts, etc., and prefer to create apps to sell products. They can use the app to sell products by applying email marketing standards.

To encourage various categories of app publishers to adopt this monetization strategy, Amazon recently announced a service known as Merch, which allows app publishers to showcase and promote their business correctly.

4. In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are made directly from the apps. They are discrete to access advanced and powerful features to make user interaction faster and more powerful.

Simply put, in-app purchases help app owners quickly sell virtual items.According to Forbes, apps installed with in-app purchases work best for app owners. The trend is foreknown to prevail in the coming years. Both UK agencies and other third-party advertisers are now keen to invest the maximum portion of their ad amount in in-app advertising. It is because they both help to get full engagement, and hence it can be said to be a convenient approach to monetization.

5. Free Additional Sale

According to the mobile app development company, we can define freemium upsell as the process where users can download apps for free but have to pay for extra or premium features. These written features and other android application development services are available with in-app purchases entered.

Dedicated iOS and Android app development services will have many options for free app development, and owners are using such tactics to make Money and attract users.

6. Transfer Fee

We can describe it as the best way to monetize your apps. App owners may charge a fee to make the digital transaction as complete as possible for users.

For example, a mobile app might be allowed to sell products to users, which app owners can charge. Publishers can start by charging low fees for every transaction that takes place. This way can help owners save Cash without investing too much.

How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  Conclusion

How Mobile Apps Make Money? –  With many app monetization models, app owners can monetize their free apps. Many ways in custom iOS app development can help you find the right way to monetize iOS apps. App owners can also hire an app developer to get important information about ways to monetize their apps.

The above topics will assist you get the maximum out of your app if appropriately implemented. If you’re looking for a more advanced solution, work with an app developer and a digital marketer who can correctly lay the groundwork for making currency