Don’t Go Hungry, Use An App

Technology app has greatly benefited all sectors that we can think of, by making life easier for businesses and making available all of the tools with which to work that did not exist a few years ago. Thanks to them it is possible to do things that before, some twenty years ago, we could not even imagine.

One of the sectors that take benefited most from these technologies has been the hotel industry, and we are referring specifically to bars and restaurants.

A clear example of how your restaurant can benefit from technology and the Internet are the applications that you can install on your phone and allow you to carry out a wide variety of actions, depending on the app .

For a restaurant it is essential to be inside the user’s pocket and this is literally achieved by having an app on the phone, because in this way the user, when they need you, will be able to contact you. Ready for action.

What Are The Advantages Of App Having Software Of This Type Incorporated Into Your Phone?

  • Orders via mobile phone: with software of this type, your customers do not need to call by phone or show up at the premises to make a reservation, they can do it directly with the push of a button. On the other hand, it is also much more comfortable for your workers, since it is not necessary for someone to take the reservations by phone and they can use this time for other tasks that have to be carried out.
  • Avoid the queues to get a table : if the client has already made the reservation through the application, all they have to do is show up at the establishment at the agreed time and date and enjoy their meal with the person they want, without having to wait to get a table.
  • Efficient reservation management : in addition to being useful for the user because they can reserve or cancel their table in a very simple way, it is also a good system for waiters, since they can have more time to perform other tasks.
  • User feedback almost immediately: for a business it is essential to know the opinion that its customers have of it. With an app it is very easy (and the user is more likely to do so) for them to provide feedback on the experience. Plus, those reviews can help you become more relevant online, which equates to more chances of getting customers.
  • Show the quality-price ratio of your business: by having the possibility of receiving reviews from your customers and data, such as the price of the dishes you offer to your users, it is possible to show what the quality- price ratio of your premises is .

All this translates into a much better customer experience .

What App Can We Use To Reserve A Table In Any Restaurant?

If you want to have lunch or dinner and you have not reserved a table, you can do it from your smartphone with any of the applications that we show you below:

Fork App

With this tool you can locate and reserve a table in a wide variety of restaurants throughout the national territory . In addition, it offers an advantage: if you use it you have the possibility of getting discounts of up to 50% with respect to the price of the card. With it you can search and find which are the establishments that have the greatest discounts that are closest to you, choose a place according to the type of cuisine that you fancy at that moment and even see other opinions of other users about the establishment.

It is available for iOS and Android users .


GoChef allows you to save a lot of time, since in addition to allowing you to make a reservation, it gives you the possibility to choose and order the dishes on the menu that you know you are going to eat before you arrive. In this way, when you arrive the food will be waiting for you and not the other way around. It is perfect if you are in a hurry and want to eat faster. Like the previous one, it offers discounts of up to 50% with respect to the prices of the menu and, unlike the previous one, with it you can order food to take away or to receive it comfortably at home. This only works in Madrid  and you can download it from the Apple App Store .

My Table

MyTable can be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. This application covers a great geographical distance, since with it you can not only book in Spain, but in thousands of places throughout Europe . In My Table you will find information about the location of the establishment, the type of cuisine it serves and what is the specialty of each one. In case you need a reservation in the United States, the alternative is LocalEats .

Catch it Restaurants

With Atrápalo Restaurants you can manage your reservations in a comfortable, simple and fast way. All the establishments that are included in it have a very complete file , thanks not only to the data offered by the application itself, but also to the content that the users themselves create about them in the form of images or comments about the premises. In addition, users can also rate the premises based on the experience they have had in them.

Another feature of this application is the offer of discounts offered by establishments, but also special promotions for those customers who pay their account with American Express or Visa. You can also find a list of restaurants classified based on their theme . In conclusion, we must mention that it can be customized to a great extent and that with it you can share information with other users.

subtract it

This is one of the essentials to make your reservation through the Internet. In it you will find an extensive database with more than three thousand establishments in Spain and abroad, in the most important cities in the world such as Paris, Rome, Milan or London, all known for the quality of their restoration. With Réstalo, your reservations are immediate and you can share them on Facebook, as well as the offers they provide.

With it you can access more than 6000 stores in a wide variety of towns and villages in our country. It allows direct management of reservations and offers discounts of up to 50% on the prices published in the local menu. This is a perfect tool for those who want to discover Spanish cuisine. As its use is limit to our country. Its notification system is interesting. Because thanks to them you will get personalized promotions for you in certain establishments. Some near you. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


With OpenTable you enjoy more than 43,000 establishments. At your disposal throughout the world. Where you can make your reservation for free. It is the perfect application to travel and find a perfect place to have dinner or lunch in Madrid or on Fifth Avenue in New York. It allows you to search for premises according to the location where you are. By types of cuisine and according to your preferences. In addition. In it you will find opinions and photos of other users. And a feature that the previous ones do not have: with each meal you accumulate rewards that you can redeem in future visits. Available for iPhone in different languages.

Michelin Restaurants

From the hand of the most popular gastronomic guide in the world comes this mobile application. Michelin Restaurants . Here you can locate where you want to eat and make your reservation. The filter possibilities it offers are by location, by price, by type of food. By name of the place and by classification of the Michelin Guide . In addition, you will find fact sheets with the opinion of the guide’s inspectors. Photos, prices and a lot of practical information. It is available for iOS and Android phone users.


If you are in Italy and you want to find a table. This is your application. With it. It is easy to find a good place to stop and have lunch in Italian cities such as Florence. Milan, Rome, Verona or Bologna. Misiedo offers rewards for using the application repeatedly. It gives you points that can be exchange for coupons of 15, 25 or 50 euros. Something that we cannot forget to mention is that the reservation is not held for more. Than 15 minutes  and that it is necessary to cancel at least one hour in advance. If not, you will lose points and some venues may deny. You a reservation if you have low points or a poor rating.

My Chef Tool

This is the last one we want to talk to you about. Moreover is a tool in which you have total control of the management of a local . In it you can include your menu and share it on social networks. Include your business file, include a POS and control reservations with a single click.

It is available for Windows. Mac, iOS and Android.

However you can see, sometimes choosing an establishment. Where you can share a meal with friends. Acquaintances or family is a matter of having the right app install on your phone . You already have it?

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