Have you ever felt the need for faster download speed in your internet browsing? As such, with the aid of a hidden feature in Google Chrome you can now activate parallel downloading and improve your browsing.

The chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading is a secret feature in Google Chrome that makes it possible to activate parallel downloading. Chrome by default performs sequential download and that means one file at a time. But, by doing so this flag allows parallelling of file downloads and enable the parallel download option in chrome which actually increases your total speed.

In this article, we will explore the chrome://enables parallel downloading flag and its advantages on the speed of the downloads. We will also cover its benefits, how to activate parallel downloads, barriers and the importance of safe file loading.

Chrome //Flags/#Enable-Parallel-Downloading Enable

What is chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading?

Chrome:However, #enable-parallel-downloading is a preliminary setting in the Google Chrome browser that allows users to activate parallel file downloading. This option allows Chrome to break big files into smaller segments and download them in parallel, which is faster. It may be especially valuable when downloading large files such as software updates or media content.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that this environment is an experiment and not always operates as desired. Best for advanced users who are used to changing browser options. To enable this feature, type “chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading is the toggle and if you enable it, then do not forget to restart your browser for changes in order.

Advantages of enabling parallel downloading

Increased download speed

When you turn on parallel downloading, Chrome can perform multiple file downloads at the same time, thus significantly increasing the speed of their reception.

Instead of waiting for a download to complete before initiating the subsequent one, Chrome can simultaneously perform multiple queued downloads.

Enhanced browsing experienceChrome //Flags/#Enable-Parallel-Downloading Enable

Thanks to the increased download speed, you will have smoother browsing. Whether you are downloading large files, updating software, or watching streaming media in Chrome – a parallel engine improves the performance of Chrome so your browsing is more efficient and pleasant.

Improved efficiency

Downloading in parallel speeds up the downloads and increases the efficiency of multiple file downloads. This aspect is particularly important for users with little bandwidth or a slow internet connection. By performing multiple file downloads simultaneously, Chrome improves the utilization of available resources and ensures a more effective process for completion.

How to enable parallel downloading in ChromeHow to enable parallel downloading in Chrome

It is easy to enable parallel downloading in Chrome. Follow these simple steps to experience faster downloads:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type “chrome: Place “flags” into the address bar and hit enter.
  3. Search for the “#enable-parallel-downloading” in the search bar on the experimental features page.
  4. Once you find the flag, click on its drop-down menu and select ‘Enabled.’
  5. On turning on the flag, Chrome will ask you to relaunch itself. Click on the “Relaunch” button.
  6. With the relaunch of Chrome, parallel downloading will become active and allow you to benefit from high-speed downloads.

Potential issues and considerations

While parallel downloading offers numerous advantages, there are a few potential issues and considerations to keep in mind:

Compatibility with certain websites or downloads

While infrequent, some websites or downloads may not support parallel downloading. When this happens, you may have issues or errors while downloading files. If you face any issues, it is better to disable the flag temporarily.

Impact on computer resources

If you allow parallel downloading, your computer’s resources, including CPU memory and network bandwidth, may be used to a greater extent. When simultaneously using several applications or having limited resources, the overall system performance will decrease slightly. This feature must be enabled if your computer is capable of this.

Cautionary measures to ensure safe downloads

As parallel downloading helps improve your webpage, it is important to remain cautious and ensure you safely download. Download only from trusted sources and avoid getting any malware or apps. It is also recommended to use quality antivirus software and keep it current.


Allowing parallel downloads in Google Chrome can result in your browsing experience boost, as it allows you to minimize the time taken by you to load certain files. It takes very few steps to enjoy faster downloads, improved productivity and more incredible browsing speeds. But it is needed to pay attention to possible problems and act carefully while downloading files. So why wait? Try parallel downloading and benefit from time saving browsing with Google Chrome. Chrome //Flags/#Enable-Parallel-Downloading Enable

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