5 Tips To Learn Programming At Any Age

The immersion of technology in our daily lives, both professionally and personally, has made programming the language par excellence of the 21st century.

We have good news for you: there is no better age to code. It is always a good time to get started in code and improve your technical skills.

These 5 Tips Make It Easier For You:

1. Start With The Basics

One of the first questions that arise is: where do I start?

The essential thing is to learn to become familiar with HTML, the markup language used in website development, and  CSS, the style sheet language that allows you to design the style and format of websites.

However if you are looking to get started in a specific language, Python is considered by many programmers to be the easiest to learn. Thanks to its open-source license, one of its successes are that it can be used in almost any scenario.

2. Take Advantage Of Free Resources

Currently, there are numerous platforms and online resources with which to learn without spending a single euro.

At, you will find articles, tutorials, and videos on languages ​​such as JavaScript or JQuery and a community of users with whom you can exchange your doubts.

Looking for a more specific course? MOOCs (massive open online courses) from Coursera, Udemy or Miriadax are an option to consider.

3. Practice In Your Spare Time

However mobile applications are an excellent alternative if you don’t have time to spare and you want to take advantage of downtime to learn and practice little by little. Between them:

Programming hub: Designed in collaboration with Google experts, it has a collection of more than 20 courses and 5,000 code samples.

Mimo – Create a personalized study plan based on your profile, with fun challenges in your daily routine.

Solo Learn – Lets you choose from thousands of programming topics, from beginner to professional.

4. Lean On The Community

Online communities and forums are among the best places to share knowledge and answer questions while learning. Some of the most popular are:

However Stack overflow – Probably one of the most significant communities dedicated to programming. You can locate the topics by keywords or perform queries among the most popular questions.

Github – Besides being an open-source platform where developers can host projects on the web, it has a social component that allows you to solve problems and learn from each other.

However beta beers – This community gives programmers a voice in the offline world. They organize monthly meetings in several cities (mainly in Spain), in which technical knowledge is shared.

5. Adopt A Continuous Learner Mindset

Finally, you must bear in mind that languages ​​and technologies are constantly evolving in the IT sector. It is essential to adopt a continuous learner mentality and be aware that you will be learning throughout your career.

Moreover excellent reference to keep up to date is the Tiobe Index, a monthly ranking that lists the most popular programming languages ​​.

According to this index, the languages ​​Java and C have been at the top since 2002, and Python is the one that has experienced the highest growth in recent years.

Are you passionate about technology and looking for new challenges?

Our talent community already has more than 400 enthusiasts of new technologies. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market, we identify professional opportunities that fit your profile.

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